Ten Korean Wisdoms For Your Health

by Diane, M.P.H, M.S.

Last autumn, my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting beautiful Sedona, Arizona, where we had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious and very healthy vegetarian lunch at a delightful Korean restaurant called “Mago Cafe.” Since 2003, when “Mago Cafe” first opened, it has been the only Korean restaurant in Northern Arizona. “Mago” is the name for Mother Earth in ancient Korean tradition. This reminds me of “Gaia,” who represented Mother Earth for the ancient Greeks. Ancient Korean legend indicates that the original human beings had a perfect life in the Land of Mago during the beginning of humanity. Over time though, corruption caused humans to change their priorities, become less humble and more arrogant, and lose their spirituality. Because of this change, the humans were cast out of the Land of Mago to live a material and imperfect existence. Korean legend teaches that it is our life’s purpose to collectively make our way back to the Land of Mago.

On each table in “Mago Cafe” there was a device which displayed several quotes regarding awareness and spirituality. My favorite page was entitled “Ten Wisdoms For Your Health,” since it offered simple advice that could benefit all of us, no matter where we live. I have printed it here for your own health and well-being:

Ten Wisdoms For Your Health

  1. More Vegetables, Less Meat
  2. More Vinegar, Less Salt
  3. More Fruits, Less Sugar
  4. More Chew, Less Food
  5. More Walk, Less Ride
  6. More Sleep, Less Worry
  7. More Smile, Less Frown
  8. More Practice, Less Thinking
  9. More Praise, Less Blame
  10. More Charity, Less Greed


“Mago Cafe” (Korean Food and Sandwiches)

207 North Highway 89A

Sedona, Arizona, 86336 (Uptown Sedona)

Tel: 928-204-1047/Email: Mago@MagoCafe.com

Open 7 days a week (11:00am-8:00 pm)

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